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Jul 11, 2011 5:00pm PDT
for choice. in the crowded cities of india, big isn't always best. more and more indians are choosing cars that are easy to afford as well as easy to park. >> reporter: in new delhi's business district. 2.5 million automobiles were sold in india last year which is up 120% from five years ago. japanese car maker nissan motor built a factory in india last year and introduced the low-priced model entering this giant model in earnest. nissan's rivals are not lagging behind. this popular model from germany's volkswagen is next. toyota also introduced a low-priced automobile. it costs about 9,000 u.s. dollars. the least expensive of all sold in india. hatch backs which are shorter than ordinary cars are especially popular in india's growing market of inexpensive automobiles. in the center of new delhi in this parking lot, you can see large number of hatchback cars parked here. hatchbacks are popular because they are easy to park. there are not enough parking lots. a car parks too close on this street of the business district. >> parking problem, you have to have a hatchback vehicle. >> reporter:
Jul 18, 2011 5:00pm PDT
rainfall over today as well. so big concern here. it's going to be turning very stormy. this forecast path taking towards the north a little more over the course of today. then it veers out quickly and heads toward the east. but this is going to be a slow-moving system. a wide area is going to be impacted. and we are going to continue to see that stormy weather over the next couple of days. of course plenty of -- and we're talking about damaging winds, dangerous surf conditions and the possibility of landslides and flooding. as much as 800 millimeters for this section. some of these areas have seen a lot of rainfall in the past 24 hours too. so amounts are easily going to hit almost a meter high. very wet conditions. do want to watch out for over the next few days. >> thank you very much. we'll keep checking in for the latest updates on that. >>> now, three prefectures in northeastern japan have identified more farms that shipped contaminated beef. seven farms fed their cattle straw that had been left outdoors after the march nuclear accidents at the fukushima daiichi plant. the straw was
Jul 25, 2011 5:00pm PDT
is going to be a big concern here as well as strong winds anhigh waves along the east coast. in terms of temperatures, it stays hot in china. shanghai reaches 37 degrees. very hot indeed. for the americas looking unsettled down in the southeastern corner here. watch out for the drenching thunderstorms picking up the energy from the gulf of mexico. couple of severe areas to watch out across the northern in the northeastern corner of the u.s. and canada. then behind the tail end of this frontal system, this low pressure moving over montana. northern plains, look out for the strong thunderstorms. looking showery down in the southwestern corner as well as western mexico. here temperatures stay very, very hot in the central and the southern portions of the u.s. 40 degrees in oklahoma city. 34 in denver. and 31 in chicago. now we take a look at europe. it remains very thundery and wet out towards the east. especially for the balkans dealing with that widespread rain and thunderstorms. this system is going to be making its way in a northeasterly direction. much of eastern europe looking unse
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3